Starting in Q3 2024, just in time for the holiday season, Intel will unveil its next-generation client processors, code-named Lunar Lake. These processors are poised to power more than 80 new laptop designs from over 20 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This launch marks a significant leap forward in AI performance, bringing advanced AI capabilities to Copilot+ PCs on a global scale.

Delivering AI Performance at a Global Scale

Copilot+ Experiences and Recall Features: Lunar Lake processors will feature Copilot+ experiences, including the innovative Recall feature, available through an update upon release. Building on the success of Intel Core Ultra processors, Lunar Lake aims to ship more than 40 million AI PC processors this year, enhancing both productivity and user experience with AI-driven functionalities.

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Intel’s executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group, highlighted the significance of this launch: “With breakthrough power efficiency, the trusted compatibility of x86 architecture, and the industry’s deepest catalog of software enablement across the CPU, GPU, and NPU, we will deliver the most competitive joint client hardware and software offering in our history with Lunar Lake and Copilot+.”

Understanding the AI PC

Components and Capabilities: An AI PC is characterized by its integration of a central processing unit (CPU), a graphics processing unit (GPU), and a neural processing unit (NPU). Each component is designed to accelerate specific AI tasks efficiently. The NPU, a specialized accelerator, handles AI and machine learning (ML) tasks directly on the PC, eliminating the need for cloud-based processing. This localized processing capability is increasingly important as the demand for automation, task optimization, and streamlined workflows grows.

Why Intel Lunar Lake Matters

Enhanced AI Performance: Lunar Lake is expected to set a new standard in mobile processors for AI PCs, offering more than three times the AI performance compared to previous generations. The new processors will feature over 40 NPU tera operations per second (TOPS), enabling advanced AI capabilities essential for Copilot+ experiences. Additionally, the processors will boast over 60 GPU TOPS, resulting in more than 100 platform TOPS, significantly enhancing overall performance.

Pavan Davuluri, corporate vice president of Windows + Devices at Microsoft, expressed enthusiasm about the launch: “The launch of Lunar Lake will bring meaningful fundamental improvements across security, battery life, and more thanks to our deep co-engineering partnership with Intel. We are excited to see Lunar Lake come to market with a 40+ TOPS NPU which will deliver Microsoft’s Copilot+ experiences at scale when available.”

Key Features of Lunar Lake Processors

  • Breakthrough Power Efficiency: One of the standout features of Lunar Lake processors is their breakthrough power efficiency. These processors are designed to deliver high performance while maintaining low power consumption, making them ideal for mobile devices that require long battery life.
  • Trusted x86 Compatibility: Maintaining the trusted compatibility of x86 architecture, Lunar Lake processors ensure seamless integration with existing software and applications. This compatibility is crucial for users who rely on a wide range of software tools for their daily tasks.
  • Comprehensive Software Support: Intel’s extensive catalog of software enablement spans across the CPU, GPU, and NPU. This comprehensive support ensures that Lunar Lake processors can handle diverse AI workloads, providing users with a versatile and powerful computing experience.

Impact on the Future of Computing

  • Redefining User Experiences: The introduction of Lunar Lake processors is set to redefine user experiences by bringing AI-driven functionalities to the forefront of personal computing. With enhanced AI capabilities, users can expect more intuitive and efficient interactions with their devices, whether for work, creativity, or entertainment.
  • Driving Innovation in AI PCs: Intel’s continued innovation in AI PCs highlights the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with personal computing. By integrating advanced AI technologies into their processors, Intel is paving the way for a new era of smart, responsive, and powerful devices.


As we approach Q3 2024, the anticipation for Intel’s Lunar Lake processors continues to build. With their impressive AI performance, power efficiency, and robust software support, these next-generation processors are set to transform the landscape of personal computing. By partnering with leading OEMs and ISVs, Intel is ensuring that Lunar Lake will deliver unparalleled AI experiences, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

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