Explore all the exciting details about Krafton’s announcement of BGIS 2023, also known as the Battle Ground India Series. From gameplay features to tournament highlights, this comprehensive article covers everything you need to know about the highly anticipated gaming event. 


Krafton, the renowned gaming company, has recently made a groundbreaking announcement that has sent waves of excitement throughout the gaming community. The announcement of BGIS 2023, also known as the Battle Ground India Series, has gamers and esports enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the event. In this article, we will delve into the world of BGIS 2023 and explore the gameplay, tournament structure, key highlights, and much more. Join us as we unravel the details of this exhilarating gaming series that is set to captivate millions of players across India. 

Krafton announces BGIS 2023 The grind: All about Battle Ground India Series 

Prepare yourself for an immersive experience as Krafton brings the much-anticipated Battle Ground India Series in 2023. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or simply curious about the gaming world, BGIS 2023 promises an unforgettable journey filled with thrilling gameplay and intense competition. Let’s dive into the details of this epic gaming event and discover what makes it a must-watch for gaming enthusiasts. 

Key Highlights of BGIS 2023 

Grand Prize Pool: BGIS 2023 boasts a grand prize pool, making it one of the most lucrative esports tournaments in recent history. With a staggering prize pool, the competition is sure to attract the best gaming talent from across the country.

Top-Notch Production: Krafton has always been committed to delivering high-quality gaming experiences, and BGIS 2023 is no exception. The tournament will feature state-of-the-art production, including top-notch audiovisual effects, commentary, and engaging live streaming. 

Celebrity Show Matches: In addition to the intense competitive matches, BGIS 2023 will also showcase exciting celebrity show matches. Fans will have the opportunity to see their favourite celebrities battle it out in the virtual battleground, adding an extra element of entertainment to the event. 

Community Engagement: Krafton understands the importance of fostering a strong gaming community. BGIS 2023 will provide various opportunities for community engagement, including fan contests, interactive sessions, and meet-and-greet events, allowing fans to get up close and personal with their gaming idols. 

Gameplay Features and Innovations 

BGIS 2023 introduces several exciting gameplay features and innovations that promise to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. Let’s explore some of the key additions and improvements that players can expect in this thrilling tournament. 

Enhanced Graphics and Visuals: Krafton has invested in enhancing the graphics and visuals of BGIS 2023 to provide players with a truly immersive gaming experience. From stunning landscapes to detailed character designs, the game’s visuals are sure to captivate players and transport them into a virtual world like never before. 

New Weapons and Items: The tournament will introduce new weapons and items, adding fresh gameplay dynamics and strategic choices for players. From powerful firearms to game-changing gadgets, players will have an array of tools at their disposal to outsmart their opponents and secure victory. 

Improved Spectator Mode: Krafton recognizes the importance of engaging the audience during live matches. BGIS 2023 will introduce an improved spectator mode that allows viewers to immerse themselves in the action.

The BGIS 2023 tournament is set to unfold in an action-packed series of events, providing players and fans with a month-long adrenaline rush. Here’s a breakdown of the schedule:

  • The Grind: 20th July – 20th August: Players can look forward to practicing and honing their skills during this pre-tournament period.
  • Registrations: 24th July – 2nd August: Aspiring teams must seize this window to complete their registration process on the official website, providing all the necessary information.
  • Verifications for Registrations: 3rd – 9th August: The submitted team information, character IDs, and government-issued IDs will be thoroughly verified for authenticity and compliance.
  • In-Game Qualifiers: 10th – 17th August: Teams will face intense competition in the grueling in-game qualifiers, vying for a spot among the top 2,000 teams to advance to the next round.
  • Round 1 – Round 6: 31st August – 7th October: The qualified teams will engage in a series of rounds, with each match being crucial for their progression in the tournament.
  • BGIS Grand Finals: 12th – 14th October: The grand culmination of BGIS 2023 will feature the top-performing teams battling it out for the coveted championship title and the impressive $243,000 prize fund.

With this packed schedule, BGIS 2023 promises to be an unforgettable gaming extravaganza, uniting talent, passion, and the competitive spirit in a thrilling showdown. Players and fans alike can brace themselves for an exhilarating journey in the battlegrounds of India.


Krafton’s announcement of BGIS 2023, the Battle Ground India Series, has set the gaming world ablaze with anticipation. With its grand prize pool, top-notch production, and thrilling gameplay features, BGIS 2023 is poised to become a landmark esports event. Whether you are a passionate gamer, an esports enthusiast,

or simply curious about the world of competitive gaming, BGIS 2023 promises an unforgettable experience filled with adrenaline-pumping matches, fierce competition, and moments of triumph. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to this exhilarating gaming extravaganza!