South Korean gaming powerhouse Krafton Inc has announced its plans to inject $150 million into Indian startups over the next two to three years. This strategic move marks the continuation of Krafton’s foray into India’s tech landscape, building upon previous investments that totaled $140 million.

Driving Growth in Indian Tech Startups

Over the past three years, Krafton has already invested around $140 million across 11 Indian gaming and content-driven startups. Notable beneficiaries of Krafton’s investments include Nodwin Gaming, Pratilipi, KukuFM, and Loco. With these new funds, Krafton seeks to support startups that are focused on creating intellectual property (IP), recognizing the value that unique IPs bring to the gaming and entertainment industry.

Krafton’s Investment Thesis: Focusing on Intellectual Property (IP)

Sean Hyunil Sohn, Krafton India’s CEO, emphasized the synergy between gaming and IP development. He believes that a strong IP pipeline contributes to long-term value creation. Startups like Pratilipi and KukuFM, which are working on building compelling IP pipelines, align with Krafton’s investment thesis. This strategy showcases Krafton’s recognition of the importance of differentiation in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

Krafton’s popular title, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), faced a regulatory review period of three months following a 10-month ban by the Indian government. Sohn acknowledged that burgeoning gaming markets often require time to establish regulatory frameworks. He cited similar situations in South Korea, China, and the US, highlighting the uniqueness of India’s fast-paced mobile penetration. Sohn expressed optimism about the regulatory landscape’s improvement and the ongoing collaboration between the government and industry stakeholders.

Diversification of Investment Focus: AI and Beyond

Krafton’s intended investments include a third of the funds allocated to artificial intelligence (AI) and deeptech firms. The remaining funds will be channeled into a mix of entertainment and consumer tech startups, akin to Krafton’s existing investee companies. This shift from solely gaming-related investments to a more diversified portfolio showcases Krafton’s adaptability and recognition of the burgeoning consumer tech sector.

Expanding Scope and Long-Term Vision

Initially, Krafton aimed to invest primarily in gaming and gaming-adjacent ventures. However, the nascent state of India’s game development industry and promising growth in the broader consumer tech sphere prompted Krafton’s diversification strategy. Sohn indicated that future acquisitions of investee firms are possible, contingent on the firms’ scale and sustainability, along with synergy with Krafton’s core business.

Resurgence of BGMI and Positive Industry Impact

The relaunch of BGMI has invigorated India’s gaming and adjacent entertainment industries. E-sports and streaming firms reported brighter financial prospects following the game’s return. Additionally, Star Sports expanded its broadcast of Nodwin’s BGMI Masters tournament, while Reliance’s Jio integrated the official online streaming partner, Rooter, into its connected TV platform.

Renewed Confidence and Long-Term Commitment

Sohn acknowledged Krafton’s chairman’s confidence in India’s growth potential, provided regulatory matters were effectively addressed. The successful resolution of the BGMI situation reinforced headquarters’ optimism and reaffirmed Krafton’s commitment to India’s vibrant tech ecosystem.


Krafton’s substantial investment in Indian startups showcases the company’s commitment to nurturing and driving innovation in India’s burgeoning tech landscape. With a strategic focus on intellectual property and a diversified investment approach, Krafton’s influence is set to extend beyond gaming, creating a ripple effect across various tech sectors.