Read all about the Madhya Pradesh Esports Academy’s registration deadline extension due to an overwhelming response of over 40,000 applicants. Discover how esports is gaining popularity in Madhya Pradesh and what it means for aspiring gamers. 


In recent times, esports has emerged as a rapidly growing industry, attracting millions of players and enthusiasts worldwide. India, too, has witnessed a surge in esports popularity, with Madhya Pradesh emerging as a prominent hub for gaming talent. This article delves into the exciting news of Madhya Pradesh’s Esports Academy extending its registration deadline, as an astounding number of over 40,000 students have applied for admission. We’ll explore the significance of this development, the impact of esports on the state, and what aspiring gamers can expect from this unique academy. 

Madhya Pradesh: Esports Academy’s Registration Deadline Extended 

The Madhya Pradesh Esports Academy, established to nurture and groom talented gamers in the state, has been flooded with applications, surpassing all expectations. With the overwhelming response, the academy’s authorities took a commendable step by extending the registration deadline to accommodate the sheer number of applicants eager to showcase their gaming skills.

Esports: A Rising Trend in Madhya Pradesh 

Madhya Pradesh has seen a remarkable rise in the popularity of esports, capturing the interest of young individuals who see gaming as more than just a hobby. Esports has evolved into a competitive avenue where players can showcase their talents, strategize, and work as a team to achieve victory. 

This gaming revolution is redefining how Madhya Pradesh embraces technology, allowing it to keep pace with the modern world and providing a platform for the youth to excel in a field they are genuinely passionate about. 

The Madhya Pradesh Esports Academy’s Vision 

The Madhya Pradesh Esports Academy envisions becoming a centre of excellence, fostering talent, and promoting esports as a legitimate career path. By combining world-class coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive environment, the academy aims to produce skilled players capable of competing on a global level. 

How to Apply to the Madhya Pradesh Esports Academy? 

For those aspiring to join the Madhya Pradesh Esports Academy, the application process is simple yet competitive. Prospective candidates need to visit the academy’s official website and fill out the online application form. Applicants are encouraged to provide details of their gaming experience, achievements, and dedication to esports. Additionally, the academy may conduct a selection process to identify the most promising talents among the applicants. 


The Madhya Pradesh Esports Academy’s overwhelming response to over 40,000 applications speaks volumes about the rising popularity of esports in the state. The extension of the registration deadline is a positive step towards nurturing gaming talent and promoting esports as a legitimate career option. As the esports ecosystem continues to grow, it brings with it exciting opportunities for the youth, bridging gender gaps, and enhancing cognitive abilities. The academy’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing a supportive environment cements its position as a catalyst for positive change in the realm of competitive gaming.