New Apple Arcade Games

Introduction to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has been gaining popularity since its launch in 2019, and it continues to grow with new games being added regularly. In 2023, Apple Arcade added 20 new games that are sure to keep gamers entertained. Let’s take a closer look at each of these games.

“Ary and the Secret of Seasons” – This game follows Ary, a young girl who has the power to control the seasons. She must use her powers to restore order to her world.

“Beyond a Steel Sky” – This is a sequel to the classic game “Beneath a Steel Sky.” It’s a cyberpunk adventure game that takes place in a dystopian city.

“ChuChu Rocket! Universe” – This is a puzzle game where you must guide ChuChus to their rocket ship while avoiding KapuKapus.

“Cozy Grove” – This is a life-sim game where you play as a Spirit Scout on a haunted island. You must help the island’s ghostly inhabitants and uncover their stories.

“Cut the Rope Remastered” – This is an updated version of the popular mobile game “Cut the Rope.” You must cut ropes to feed candy to Om Nom.

“Earthblade” – This is a retro-style action-adventure game set in a mysterious world. You must explore the world, fight enemies, and uncover secrets.

“Fantasian” – This is an RPG game from the creator of “Final Fantasy.” It features handcrafted dioramas and 3D characters.

“Hitchhiker” – This is a narrative game where you play as a hitchhiker trying to piece together your past.

“Lumen” – This is a puzzle game where you must guide light through mazes to reach the end.

“Nuts” – This is a game where you play as a wildlife researcher studying squirrels. You must monitor their behavior and collect data.

“Punch Planet” – This is a 2D fighting game that takes place in a futuristic world. It features a diverse cast of characters and a unique art style.

“Rayman Mini” – This is a new entry in the popular “Rayman” series. It’s a platformer game with a focus on speedrunning.

“Skate City” – This is a skateboarding game with a focus on tricks and style. It features real-world locations and a chill soundtrack.

“SongPop Party” – This is a music trivia game where you can play with friends. You must guess songs from different genres and decades.

“The Artful Escape” – This is a game about a teenage musician trying to find his stage persona. It features psychedelic visuals and a space rock soundtrack.

“The Pathless” – This is an adventure game where you play as a hunter trying to lift a curse from your world. You must explore a mystical island and solve puzzles.

“Ultimate Rivals: The Court” – This is a basketball game where you can play as famous athletes from different sports. It features arcade-style gameplay and power-ups.

“Warp Drive” – This is a racing game where you can warp through portals to gain an advantage. It features futuristic tracks and a synthwave soundtrack.

“Winding Worlds” – This is a puzzle game where you play as a fox trying to help the inhabitants of a world. You must use your magical thread to solve puzzles.

“World’s End Club” – This is an adventure game where you play as a group of teenagers trying to survive a deadly game. It features anime-style visuals and branching story paths. These are the 20 new games