PUBG Mobile players around the world are in for an electrifying treat as the highly anticipated 2.7 update is finally here! This latest update introduces a thrilling collaboration with Dragon Ball, bringing a new game mode, map, and exciting features. Fans of both PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball can now immerse themselves in an anime-inspired battleground with their favorite Dragon Ball Super characters. Let’s dive into the details of this epic update that is set to revolutionize the gaming experience!

Introducing Dragon Ball Super Mode: A Unique Anime-Themed Map

Prepare to step into a 1.6×1.6 small map, meticulously designed with an anime touch and classic PUBG Mobile essence. Dragon Ball Super Mode takes players into an intense battle, where they can engage in thrilling combat using the unique skills of legendary Dragon Ball Super characters. Choose from a lineup featuring Son Goku, Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, and Frieza, each possessing distinct abilities to outwit their adversaries.

The Power of Abilities: No Guns, Only Anime Skills!

In this extraordinary map, players won’t find conventional firearms. Instead, they can unleash the true power of anime by utilizing their chosen character’s extraordinary abilities. Engage in strategic gameplay, where Kamehameha’s super speed, reflexes, and other exciting moves will be your key to victory. Two additional powers, short-range and long-range abilities, add depth to the gameplay, allowing players to craft their own unique playstyles.

Dragon Ball Themed Erangel Matches: An Unforgettable Experience

The collaboration doesn’t end with Dragon Ball Super Mode. Ranked Erangel matches now incorporate the Dragon Ball theme, presenting players with an opportunity to harness the characters’ abilities in classic PUBG Mobile gameplay. The power balls scattered across the map grant players access to Goku’s trademark attack, Goku Justu, letting them soar through the skies and decimate opponents with their superpowers.

Collecting Dragon Balls for Special Rewards

Players can dive into the adventure of finding and collecting unique dragon balls and other valuable rewards in designated Dragon Ball villages on the map. These powerful artifacts grant additional abilities, enhancing your chances of survival in the intense battleground. Additionally, players can hunt for seven dragon balls hidden across Erangel, offering precious loot as a reward.


The PUBG Mobile 2.7 Update marks an exciting new chapter for players, combining the adrenaline-pumping action of PUBG with the iconic characters and abilities from the Dragon Ball universe. With the introduction of Dragon Ball Super Mode and the themed Erangel matches, gamers are guaranteed an unforgettable experience filled with anime-style battles and heart-pounding moments. Embrace the power of Dragon Ball in PUBG Mobile’s latest update and prepare for an electrifying gaming adventure like never before!