PUBG MOBILE launches a new system for tournament licensing!


PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, and its esports scene has exploded in recent years. The game’s developer, Tencent Games, has announced a new system for tournament licensing that will change the way esports events are organized and regulated.

Fair ecosystem for players and organizers

The new system, called the PUBG MOBILE Tournament License Program, aims to create a fair and transparent ecosystem for esports organizers and players. It will allow organizers to apply for licenses to host official PUBG Mobile tournaments, ensuring that they meet certain standards and guidelines set by Tencent Games.


This new program will help to streamline the esports scene, making it easier for both players and organizers to navigate the complex world of esports events. With standardized guidelines in place, players will know what to expect from each tournament, while organizers can focus on creating exciting and engaging events without having to worry about the logistics of licensing and regulation.

Improvements and guidelines 

The tournament licensing program will also help to improve the quality of PUBG Mobile esports events. With stricter guidelines in place, organizers will need to provide better production values, better player accommodations, and a more enjoyable experience for both players and spectators. This will ultimately help to grow the audience for PUBG Mobile esports and attract more sponsors and investors to the scene.

eSports division 

In addition to the licensing program, Tencent Games has also announced the creation of a new esports division, dedicated to the development and growth of PUBG Mobile esports. This division will work closely with organizers and players to ensure that the game’s esports scene continues to thrive and evolve.


Overall, the new tournament licensing system is a positive step for PUBG Mobile esports. By creating a more regulated and transparent system, the scene will be able to grow and attract new players and sponsors, helping to cement PUBG Mobile’s position as one of the leading mobile esports games in the world.