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September 02, 2020 was the day when million gaming heart’s were a bit nervous as the most popular game not only in India but all over the globe, Players Unknown Battle Ground- PUBG Mobile was banned nationwide due to some Indo-China governing issues. Not only PUBG Mobile but also over 117 other chinese applications were officially banned in whole country.

2018 was the year when the Indian gaming community experienced something crazy & new as the PUBG Mobile was introduced to Indians, Especially it’s Battleground mode blown our minds and later it was one of the fastest growing gaming platform in India. Instead of ban PUBG Mobile was later awarded with the top 10 most downloaded mobile game in 8

India for year 2020.

Recently, the Indian version of the game was named as ‘PUBG MOBILE INDIA’ for last couple of months. As the new information reveals that the Indian officials of the game are all set to make a change by naming it ‘BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA’ in the upcoming time.

As the PUBG Mobile was banned in India, suddenly in month of November 2020, the officials took a step forward by naming it PUBG Mobile India , which was later declared as a replacement to the globe version of the game, This steps were taken specifically for just the Indian PUBG Mobile crowd & it’s Indian fanbase, As this was not done for the first time for any particular country, It was done with the Korean version of the game as well as the Chinese version recalling it as ‘Game for Peace’.

So, after the declaration of PUBG Mobile Indian version, numerous websites & various social media handles were surfing all over the internet. The study tells that, the background image on this website reflects a message telling that ‘PUBG Mobile India’ is coming soon, showing some twinkling diyas which denotes the Indian varient.


One of the finest gaming information related websites- Gemwire, did some study on that PUBG Mobile India’s particular website, As they grab out some important changes that were made to the background image. They inspect the source code and got some links to a new creative asset that were added to the Indian versions website.

Image Via: GemWire

The new image poster creative was caught on to the website that earlier on hosted the ‘diya – twinkling’ creative of the starting declaration of name PUBG Mobile India. As per the reports, the name of this particular localised version has been changed to ‘Battleground Mobile India’ as shown in image. A message indicating ‘Coming Soon’ was also included with the name.

This report clearly informs us that the PUBG Mobile India is being renamed as ‘Battleground Mobile India’. As there were some trailers leaked recently from the social media handles of PUBG Mobile India which informs us everything, Very soon we all might experience some new changes in this all new ” Battleground Mobile India”.

Till then stay tuned with us for more details regarding PUBG Mobile and keep visiting us for more information and updates on Esports & more. What do you guys think on the name change mentioned above will it really bring PUBG Mobile back in India!, Just comment below all your views and tell us How interested are you for the comeback of the PUBG Mobile. That’s it, but what now we all should look about is that you have to ” Stay Home Stay Safe, Wear a Mask when Necessary, Maintain Social Distancing, Use Hand Sanitizers, We will Unite to Fight against this COVID-19, We assure you that we will deliver all new and fresh new articles consistently, just stay at home and check us out we are always there for you. Take care, good bye.