The RA Esports BGMI Battle For Swaraj League Stage witnessed intense competition on Day 2, with seasoned teams like Carnival Gaming, Team Hector, and Hyderabad Hydras dominating their respective groups. Hyderabad Hydras led the Red Group with consistent performances, while Carnival Gaming emerged on top in the Blue Group with strategic gameplay. Standout players like Moksh, Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal, and Vivek “Clutchgod” Horo showcased impressive fragging skills. The event highlighted the balance between established teams and rising talents, setting the stage for an exciting remainder of the tournament. To know more about it stay connected with us throughout the article.

Introduction to BGMI Battle For Swaraj

The RA Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGMI) Battle For Swaraj League Stage has witnessed intense competition as seasoned squads showcased their prowess in the mobile gaming arena. Day 2 of the event saw established teams like Carnival Gaming, Team Hector, and Entity Gaming dominating the Blue Group, while Hyderabad Hydras, Team Forever, and NRX Esports shone in the Red Group. This article delves into the highlights of Day 2, showcasing the top-performing teams, standout players, and the overall landscape of the tournament.

Blue Group Highlights

  1. Carnival Gaming: Leading the Pack
    Carnival Gaming emerged as the frontrunner in the Blue Group, amassing an impressive 98 points and securing three chicken dinners. Their consistent performance and strategic gameplay have positioned them as a force to be reckoned with in the tournament.
  2. AutoBotz Esports: A Strong Contender
    AutoBotz Esports secured the second spot in the Blue Group with 88 points and one chicken dinner. Their calculated approach and tactical skills have earned them a significant presence in the competitive scene.
  3. Team Hector’s Comeback
    Team Hector made a notable comeback on Day 2, clinching a spot in the top 3 with 84 points and one chicken dinner. Their resilience and adaptability were evident as they navigated through challenging matchups.
  4. Genesis Esports: Consistency Pays Off
    Genesis Esports displayed consistent performances throughout the matches, accumulating 73 points, with 53 coming from finishes. Their steady gameplay and teamwork have solidified their position in the upper ranks of the Blue Group.
  5. Entity Gaming: A Force to Watch
    Entity Gaming secured fifth place with 64 points and two chicken dinners. Their strategic prowess and ability to capitalize on opportunities have marked them as a team with immense potential.

Top Fraggers in the Blue Group

  1. Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal (Carnival Gaming) – 21 finishes
  2. Rico (AutoBotz Esports) – 21 finishes
  3. Ninju (Team Hector) – 18 finishes
  4. Gyrogod (Genesis Esports) – 17 finishes
  5. Sohail “Hector” Shaikh (Team Hector) – 16 finishes

Red Group Highlights

  1. Hyderabad Hydras: Leading the Charge
    Hyderabad Hydras claimed the top spot in the Red Group with an impressive 89 points, showcasing consistent performances across all matches in BGMI Battle For Swaraj. Although they missed a chicken dinner, their overall gameplay and strategic decisions propelled them to the forefront.
  2. Team Forever: A Strong Contender
    Team Forever secured the second position with 77 points and two chicken dinners. Their ability to secure victories under pressure situations highlights their competitive spirit and skillful execution.
  3. NRX Esports: Upcoming Talent
    NRX Esports showcased aggressive gameplay and secured 69 points with two chicken dinners. Their performance reflects a promising future in the competitive BGMI scene, garnering attention for their fearless approach.
  4. FS Esports: Steady Progress
    FS Esports claimed the fourth spot with 63 points, showcasing steady progress and consistent gameplay. Their ability to adapt to different scenarios positions them as a team to watch out for.
  5. Hydra Esports: Maintaining Momentum
    Hydra Esports continued their momentum from Day 1, securing 61 points with one chicken dinner in BGMI Battle For Swaraj. Their resilience and ability to maintain a competitive edge bode well for their future matchups.

Top Fraggers in the Red Group

  1. Moksh (Hyderabad Hydras) – 23 finishes
  2. Vivek “Clutchgod” Horo (Gujarat Tigers) – 23 finishes
  3. Crypto (Hyderabad Hydras) – 19 finishes
  4. APS (NRX Esports) – 19 finishes
  5. Godz (WSB Gaming) – 16 finishes


Day 2 of the RA Esports BGMI Battle For Swaraj League Stage showcased the dominance of experienced teams like Hyderabad Hydras, Carnival Gaming, and AutoBotz Esports. These squads displayed exceptional gameplay, strategic depth, and consistent performances, setting the stage for intense competition in the upcoming matches. As the tournament progresses, the spotlight remains on emerging talents like NRX Esports and Genesis Esports, signaling a dynamic and evolving landscape in the BGMI competitive scene.

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