Revolutionising the Indian Valorant Community: S8UL and Global Esports’ Groundbreaking Partnership

Exciting news in the gaming world! Gaming powerhouses S8UL and Global Esports are teaming up to revolutionise the Valorant gaming experience in India! With their combined expertise in PC gaming, esports, and content creation, they’re taking the Indian gaming scene to new heights.

Imagine endless opportunities for budding Valorant players, with the Indian gaming industry now offering a wide range of competitive titles. But it’s not just about the players, this partnership is going to shake up the entire esports and gaming industry.

“With this collaboration, our shared aim is to scale new heights, especially for Valorant in India, which includes expanding possibilities for our players and bringing our teams and content under one umbrella. S8UL family has the largest fan following in the entire region, our goal is to put India on the world map and make it the hub for everything Gaming & Esports” said Lokesh Jain, co-founder, S8UL.

“We aim to create even more unexpected connections, and give our audiences authentic and memorable esports experiences like never before. This partnership will help us achieve our shared vision of creating a thriving and supportive gaming community in India.” added Rushindra Sinha, CEO, Global Esports.

Global Esports have already secured a prime spot in the prestigious International League, and now, with this strategic partnership, they’re set to take Valorant’s footprint in India to the next level.

This is just the beginning for the dynamic duo, as they plan to continue exploring new ways to grow this exciting partnership, bringing even more opportunities for the gaming community. Get ready for an epic gaming experience, brought to you by S8UL and Global Esports!