In a landmark agreement that has put an end to months of speculation and uncertainty, Sony and Microsoft have officially signed a binding deal to keep the beloved Call of Duty series on PlayStation consoles for the next decade. The agreement follows Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and both companies expressed excitement about providing players with more gaming choices globally. This article delves into the details of this groundbreaking deal, the strategies employed, and the implications it holds for the gaming industry.

The Landmark Deal

Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced the momentous agreement on Twitter, revealing that both tech giants had solidified their commitment to retaining the Call of Duty franchise on PlayStation consoles. This decision came after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which had raised concerns about the future availability of the popular gaming series on non-Xbox platforms.

A Decade of Call of Duty

The newly-signed deal ensures that Call of Duty will remain a staple on PlayStation consoles for the next 10 years, allowing millions of players worldwide to continue enjoying their favorite gaming experience. While the specific timeline was not disclosed in the initial announcement, Microsoft confirmed that the agreement is indeed for a decade.

The Long Road to Agreement

The road to this agreement was not without its challenges. Microsoft initially offered Sony a 10-year deal for Call of Duty in November 2022, which was rejected at the time. As a result, Microsoft sought alternative partnerships with various platforms, demonstrating its commitment to making Call of Duty available beyond Xbox consoles.

Overcoming Objections and Regulatory Hurdles

Microsoft’s proactive approach in signing deals with other gaming platforms helped address concerns raised by regulators, including the European Union, regarding potential exclusivity of the Call of Duty series on Xbox. The strategy played a role in easing the way for the acquisition’s approval, signaling to regulators that Call of Duty’s availability would extend beyond the Xbox ecosystem.

Sony’s Decision and Microsoft’s Victory

The inadvertent boost to Microsoft’s case came when Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan downplayed concerns about Call of Duty becoming an Xbox exclusive. Despite the objections, the FTC’s request for a preliminary injunction to block the acquisition was rejected, clearing the path for the deal to proceed.

The Way Forward

With regulatory hurdles gradually being overcome, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority expressed a willingness to reopen discussions to address its concerns about the acquisition. Sony’s decision to sign the 10-year deal may have been influenced by these developments, as it sought to secure a beneficial arrangement rather than facing a future without Call of Duty on its consoles.


The groundbreaking 10-year deal between Sony and Microsoft has put an end to uncertainties surrounding the availability of Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles. This strategic move by both companies demonstrates their commitment to giving players around the world more gaming choices and indicates a promising future for the iconic gaming franchise. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, this deal sets a precedent for collaboration and cross-platform accessibility, ensuring that players will enjoy the Call of Duty series on their favorite consoles for years to come.