The RA Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGMI) Battle For Swaraj Grand Finals concluded with seasoned squads and upcoming teams battling for supremacy. The event showcased thrilling gameplay, strategic brilliance, and intense competition. Among the top-performing teams, THW Esports emerged as the champion, displaying exceptional skill and consistency throughout the tournament.

A Stellar Performance by THW Esports

The relatively new squad of THW Esports delivered a dominant performance, securing the top position with a total of 154 points. Their consistent gameplay across all matches earned them 1 chicken dinner and an impressive 93 elimination points. This stellar display of skill and strategy not only crowned them as the champions but also awarded them a grand prize of INR 1.2 Lakhs.

Kiolmao from THW Esports was a standout player, securing the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title with 30 finishes. His aggressive gameplay and precise execution significantly contributed to his team’s success.

Team Forever and Entity Gaming: Close Contenders

Team Forever continued their strong performance, finishing in second place with 145 points and securing 3 chicken dinners. Their strategic prowess and adaptability were evident throughout the tournament, earning them a prize of INR 70,000.

Entity Gaming, a seasoned squad, claimed the third spot with 143 points and 2 chicken dinners. Their experience and tactical approach kept them in contention, securing a prize of INR 40,000.

Top Teams and Their Performances

  1. THW Esports: Champions with 154 points, 1 chicken dinner, and 93 elimination points. Prize: INR 1.2 Lakhs.
  2. Team Forever: Runners-up with 145 points and 3 chicken dinners. Prize: INR 70,000.
  3. Entity Gaming: Third place with 143 points and 2 chicken dinners. Prize: INR 40,000.
  4. Team Hector: Fourth place with 137 points and 5 chicken dinners. Prize: INR 20,000.
  5. WSB Gaming: Fifth place with 123 points and 1 chicken dinner.
  6. Revenant Esports: Sixth place with 121 points and 1 chicken dinner.
  7. Team Uzumaki: Seventh place with 120 points and 2 chicken dinners.
  8. Team Secret: Eighth place with 101 points, 71 of which came from finishes.

Prize Pool Distribution

The total prize pool for the Grand Finals was distributed as follows:

  • 1st place (THW Esports): INR 1.2 Lakhs
  • 2nd place (Team Forever): INR 70,000
  • 3rd place (Entity Gaming): INR 40,000
  • 4th place (Team Hector): INR 20,000
  • MVP (Kiolmao): INR 25,000
  • Fan Favorite Player (Jonathan “Jonthan” Amaral): INR 25,000

Top Fraggers of the Grand Finals

The competition was fierce, with several players showcasing exceptional fragging skills. Here are the top 5 fraggers:

  1. Kio (THW Esports): 30 finishes
  2. Saumraj (Entity Gaming): 28 finishes
  3. Saif (Team Uzumaki): 27 finishes
  4. Raiden (WSB Gaming): 26 finishes
  5. Mafia (Team Forever): 25 finishes

Disappointments for Some Seasoned Teams

While the tournament was a platform for emerging teams to shine, it also saw some seasoned teams underperforming. Godlike Esports, iQOO Soul, WindGod Esports, and Team 8Bit, all struggled to maintain consistency and ended up in the second half of the points table. This unexpected turn of events highlighted the unpredictable nature of competitive gaming and the rising competition from new squads.


The RA Esports BGMI Battle for Swaraj Grand Finals was a spectacle of high-level gameplay and intense competition. THW Esports’ triumph is a testament to their hard work, strategic planning, and execution. With teams like Team Forever and Entity Gaming also delivering strong performances, the tournament provided a thrilling experience for fans and participants alike.

As the esports scene continues to grow, tournaments like these are crucial in identifying and nurturing talent, providing a platform for both seasoned squads and upcoming teams to showcase their skills. The RA Esports BGMI Battle for Swaraj Grand Finals will be remembered for its fierce competition, surprising outcomes, and the emergence of new champions in the world of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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