Learn how to unlock the Bliss Popper AN94 for free in Free Fire MAX and get an edge over your opponents. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to master this powerful weapon. 


In the adrenaline-pumping world of Free Fire MAX, having the right weapon can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Among the plethora of firearms available, the Bliss Popper AN94 stands out as a formidable choice. Its deadly accuracy and rapid-fire capabilities can turn the tide of any battle. However, unlocking this coveted weapon for free can be a challenge for many players. Fear not! In this article, we will walk you through a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the Bliss Popper AN94 for free in Free Fire MAX. Get ready to elevate your gameplay and dominate the battleground! 

Unlocking the Bliss Popper AN94: The Road to Victory 1. Understand the Bliss Popper AN94: A Formidable Weapon 

Before embarking on your quest to unlock the Bliss Popper AN94, it’s crucial to understand the weapon’s strengths and unique attributes. The AN94 boasts exceptional accuracy, making it deadly at both close and long-range combat. Its distinctive “Burst Mode” sets it apart, allowing two shots fired in quick succession, ensuring swift takedowns. Familiarise yourself with the weapon’s characteristics to wield it effectively once unlocked. 

2. Embrace Challenges and Achievements 

In Free Fire MAX, challenges and achievements are your gateway to unlocking exclusive rewards, including the Bliss Popper AN94. Regularly check the challenge section for tasks related to weapon-specific objectives or gameplay milestones. Completing these challenges will earn you valuable

experience points (XP) and other rewards, bringing you closer to unlocking the Bliss Popper AN94. 

3. Maximise the Battle Pass Benefits 

Invest in the Battle Pass to maximise your chances of unlocking the Bliss Popper AN94 for free. The Battle Pass offers a variety of rewards, including weapon crates, skins, and currencies, which can be used to obtain the Bliss Popper AN94. By diligently completing Battle Pass missions, you’ll progress through its tiers, gradually unlocking the weapon and other exciting items. 

4. Engage in Special Events 

Free Fire MAX frequently hosts special events that offer unique rewards, and the Bliss Popper AN94 might be among them. Participate in time-limited events and complete their challenges to earn event-exclusive tokens. Accumulate these tokens to exchange for the Bliss Popper AN94 when it becomes available during such events. 

5. Utilise the Luck Royale 

Put your luck to the test in the Luck Royale, where you have the chance to win exclusive items, including the Bliss Popper AN94. Though luck-based, persistent efforts in the Luck Royale can eventually grant you the coveted weapon. 

6. Follow Free Fire MAX Social Media Channels 

Keep an eye on Free Fire MAX’s official social media channels for announcements on giveaways, contests, and events. Participating in these promotions might reward you with the Bliss Popper AN94 or other in-game items. 

7. Join Guilds and Clans 

Being part of an active and supportive guild or clan can open up new avenues for obtaining rewards, including the Bliss Popper AN94. Engage in guild activities, team up with fellow members, and work together to unlock exclusive perks.

8. Unlock the Bliss Popper AN94: Your Path to Glory 

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of our comprehensive guide on unlocking the Bliss Popper AN94 for free in Free Fire MAX. Armed with these tips and strategies, embark on your adventure, and make the AN94 yours. Keep honing your skills, participating in events, and engaging with the community. Unlocking the Bliss Popper AN94 will be an accomplishment that elevates your gameplay and brings you closer to victory. So, go forth, conquer the battlefield, and unleash the power of the Bliss Popper AN94! 


Unlocking the Bliss Popper AN94 for free in Free Fire MAX is a rewarding journey that enhances your gameplay and adds a touch of glory to your victories. By leveraging challenges, events, and community engagement, you’ll steadily progress towards your goal. Remember to be patient, persistent, and embrace the joy of gaming along the way. The Bliss Popper AN94’s deadly accuracy and rapid-fire capabilities will soon be at your fingertips, ready to turn you into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. So, gear up, fellow warriors, and let the quest begin!