Discover how the UP Government and Garena join forces to elevate the world of Esports in the state. Explore the benefits of this groundbreaking collaboration and its potential impact on the gaming community.


In a groundbreaking move to foster the growth of Esports in the state, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Garena, a renowned gaming company. This strategic partnership aims to promote and support the burgeoning Esports industry within the state. The collaboration is set to open new opportunities for aspiring gamers, enthusiasts, and Esports organisations. This article delves deep into the details of this MOU and explores its potential implications on the gaming landscape in Uttar Pradesh. 

UP Government signs an MOU with Garena in an effort to promote Esports in the state: Fostering a Digital Sporting Revolution 

In a bid to embrace the dynamic world of Esports, the UP Government has taken a significant step by joining forces with Garena. The MOU signifies a mutual commitment to revolutionise the gaming scene in the state. The partnership seeks to leverage Garena’s expertise in the gaming industry and the UP Government’s resources to create a thriving ecosystem for Esports enthusiasts. The Garena will host international tournaments in UP, and yotta’s data centre in Greater Noida will power their Esports offering in India. 

Advantages of the MOU for Gamers and Enthusiasts 

The MOU between the UP Government and Garena offers a multitude of advantages for gamers and Esports enthusiasts across the state: 

Skill Development and Professional Guidance

With the establishment of Esports academies and training centres, aspiring gamers can receive professional guidance and coaching. This will help them hone their skills and compete at national and international levels with confidence. 

Exposure to Competitive Environment 

Regular tournaments and events will provide gamers with valuable exposure to competitive environments. Participating in such events will boost their confidence, sportsmanship, and adaptability, making them better players overall. 

Nurturing a Thriving Esports Community 

By supporting local Esports organisations, the MOU will contribute to building a vibrant and inclusive Esports community. This sense of camaraderie and unity will drive the growth of the industry within the state. 

Recognition and Legitimization of Esports 

Through awareness campaigns, Esports will gain recognition as a legitimate and promising career path. This will break stereotypes and encourage more individuals to consider gaming as a viable profession. 


The collaboration between the UP Government and Garena marks a monumental step in the realm of Esports in Uttar Pradesh. By creating a supportive ecosystem, providing opportunities for skill development, and promoting Esports as a legitimate career option, this MOU is set to revolutionise the gaming landscape in the state. Aspiring gamers and enthusiasts can look forward to a bright future with ample opportunities to showcase their talents on a grand stage.