Indian esports organization Velocity Gaming (VLT) has just unveiled its revamped Valorant roster, featuring two international players, ahead of the South Asian VCT Challengers League (VCL 2023).

The organization has signed Domagoj “Doma” Fancev and Adam “ec1s” Eccles, who will be playing alongside Sagnik “Hellff” Roy, Debanjan “Deathmaker” Das, and Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar.

Velocity Gaming’s new roster promises to be one of the strongest and most experienced in the South Asian Valorant scene. With VCL 2023 just around the corner, fans are eagerly anticipating the team’s performance.

The team’s coach, David “Dav” Miljanić, has confirmed that Doma will be an Initiator Main, while ec1s will replace Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma as the in-game leader. Deathmaker is expected to continue in a Duelist role, while Hellff will retain his flexible Controller role. Excali, on the other hand, will have a flexible role, switching between Initiators and Duelists.

Velocity Gaming’s announcement of the new roster was accompanied by an exciting video that showcased the players’ capabilities and potential roles in the team.

The acquisition of Doma and ec1s has strengthened VLT’s roster and made it one of the most compelling in South Asia. The team now boasts a balanced and intriguing mix of cultural diversity, experience, and young talent.

Velocity Gaming’s success in the competitive Valorant scene has made it one of the most successful esports organizations in India. With the new roster in place, the team is expected to perform even better in VCL 2023 and other national tournaments.

The new signings have sparked excitement among fans, who are eager to see VLT’s new lineup in action. The future looks bright for Velocity Gaming, and it will be interesting to see how the team performs in upcoming tournaments.