In a recent episode of his “WTF is” podcast, Nikhil Kamath, the billionaire co-founder of Zerodha, sat down with notable gaming personalities including Animesh Agarwal (8bit Thug) and US-based gaming entrepreneur Joseph Kim to delve into the burgeoning gaming industry in India. This conversation shed light on various aspects of gaming as a profession, the popularity of specific games like Pubg and BGMI, income opportunities for gaming influencers, challenges faced by gaming entrepreneurs in India, and the significant growth potential of the Indian gaming market.


Nikhil Kamath’s podcast, launched last year on YouTube, has gained substantial traction due to its insightful discussions on contemporary topics. Animesh Agarwal, known as 8bit Thug in the gaming community, is a prominent figure known for his expertise and influence in the gaming realm.

Discussion Highlights

The podcast delved into how gaming is now viewed as a viable profession in India, challenging traditional career norms. Animesh Agarwal provided insights into the popularity of Pubg and how BGMI, an India-specific game, differs from its predecessor. He also discussed the income potential for gaming influencers and professional gamers, highlighting the lucrative nature of the industry.

Joseph Kim shared his views on India’s gaming landscape, citing Gametion’s Ludo King as the most downloaded game. He also discussed the challenges faced by Indian gaming entrepreneurs, primarily stemming from societal perceptions that favor traditional careers over gaming.

Impact of Nikhil Kamath’s Investments

Nikhil Kamath’s recent investment of Rs 100 crore in Nazara Technologies reflects his confidence in the growth prospects of the gaming industry. This investment is a testament to the increasing interest and financial backing that gaming startups are receiving in India.

Growth and Potential of Indian Gaming Industry

The podcast episode resonates with the broader narrative of the Indian gaming industry’s rapid growth. According to EY’s report for 2023, the industry has grown significantly, reaching Rs 16,428 crore and is poised to employ 250,000 individuals by 2025. Raghav Anand from EY emphasized the industry’s economic potential, including its capacity to attract foreign investments and create employment opportunities.


The conversation encapsulates the evolving narrative around gaming in India, from being a leisure activity to a legitimate career option. Nikhil Kamath’s advocacy for recognizing gaming’s importance and the industry’s substantial growth underscore the need for broader acceptance and support from stakeholders. The “WTF is” podcast episode serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations, advocacy, and action towards recognizing the significance of the gaming industry, providing validation to aspiring gamers, and shaping a future where gaming is celebrated as a cornerstone of innovation and cultural expression.

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